Our corporate philanthropic mission is focused on supporting organizations that enhance the well-being of the communities in which we reside and conduct business. We take great pride in our local volunteer efforts, and our dedication to serving our community and its members is a core value embraced by our entire team. In 2023, Performance Chemical is thrilled to introduce Performance Cares, a strategic initiative aimed at fostering partnerships with our communities through acts of generosity and service.​


Take a look at our Christmas project with 3:11 Ministries in 2023.

Performance Chemical’s 4 Strategic Giving Areas


1. Community and Economic Development
2. Education
3. Social Services
4. Wellness

Community and Economic Development

We support organizations that improve the quality of life through:
* Infrastructure
* Safe communities
* Job training


We support programs that emphasize student academic enrichment and achievement through:

* Early childhood education
* K-12
* Post-secondary
* Technical
* Vocational schools

Social Services

We support organizations that provide supportive services for individuals or families through:

* Self-sufficiency education
* Disabled or elderly support
* Foster care and adoption
* Disaster prevention and relief
* Temporary housing
* Economic assistance


We support organizations that provide education and encourage public health and wellness through:

* After school programs for children and teens
* Senior citizen support facilities

To be considered for partnership with Performance Chemical apply today! 


Each year Performance Chemical will consider awarding sponsorship and scholarships, as well provide event marketing to eligible applicants. Consideration is given to organizations where Performance Chemical volunteers.

Serve Day 

Serve is a great opportunity for our team to connect with each other and with local organization(s) in our community. Participation is led and modeled by our Management Team while every department is encouraged to attend.  At Serve, we spend time with a community partner, volunteering alongside their teams to make a positive impact.

We partner with Every Neighbor, a local volunteer organization that promotes service opportunities and helps to build relationships with local non-profits.

Lunch and Learn 

On select Wednesdays, Performance hosts a lunch for nonprofit and city leadership to share with our team about specific mission/vision, current and future needs happening in and around Midland.