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Welcome to production done right.


Every production program is tailored to minimize your operating costs and includes thorough onsite analytical testing.

Our analytical monitoring program oversees the tracking of your key performance indicators through the following components:

* Systems and corrosion surveys
* Failures, water and Millipore analyses
* Water depositions analyses (solids, bacteria, etc.)
* Scale deposits analysis


Production Flow

Foamers and Defoamers
Pour point Depressants
Hydrate Inhibitors
H2S and CO2 Scavengers
Dry Chem Treatments
Water clarifiers
Acid Soaps

System Health

Corrosion Control
Scale Control
Iron Control
Paraffin Control

Gas Enhancement

Foamers and Defoamers
Scale Control
Viscosity Reducer
Drag Reducers
H2S and CO2 Scavengers
O2 Scavengers

Dry Chem Application

Corrosion Control
Scale Control
Iron Control
Paraffin Control


It’s time to get serious about midstream.

Performance Chemical offers tailored programs in midstream integrity that have demonstrated a capacity to optimize your asset’s functionality. These programs are meticulously crafted to provide solutions spanning from wellheads to treatment facilities.

With every application, we offer:

Custom blended products
Remote tank monitoring
Root cause analysis
Corrosion monitoring


Go with our Midstream Peak Performance

Drag reducers
Cleaning packages
Paraffin Inhibitors

Pickling solutions
Corrosion inhibitors
Scale Inhibitors

Water Treatment for Fracing

Designed with your success in mind.

Understanding the important use of water and how to manage water related issues is pivotal for a successful operation.
Performance Chemical offers advanced technology for water treatment. Our patented hydraulic fracturing trailers are equipped with automated integration with flow meters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and pumps delivering accurate chemical injection rates and lowering costs.

With every application, we offer:
Dry Chem treatments
Realtime automated monitoring
Onsite blending
Analytical services and field testing
Customized programs

Salt Water Disposal

Water changes everything!


Performance Chemical has developed a proven cost-effective solutions program which results in cleaner water to be injected, reduces operating cost, and provides a higher recovery rate of oil. We customize your program after a complete system audit is performed providing you with a cost-effective chemical program.

With every application, we offer:
Analytical monitoring and tracking reports
Customized programs.


The only Dry-Chem manufacturing plant in the Permian Basin.

Performance Chemical offers a more effective and efficient treatment lowering costs while combatting failures.

While most are coated, Performance formulated chemistries are absorbed into proppant. The product falls down the backside settling at the bottom of the wellbore, ensuring that the fluid column is conditioned from the bottom up. Treatments are designed and tested to last for 30 to 90 days.

Dry-chem is also ideal for the completion process added during the sand stages. Our product can be pushed deep into the formation, providing a pro-active inhibition, by improving production during the first 90 days.

 With every application, we offer:
Cost-effective alternative to truck treating.
Eliminating chemical pump and tank maintenance.
Pro-active inhibition for frac applications.
Improved environmental footprint.