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Performance Chemical Company Careers

Our Company supports the policy of equal employment opportunity.

Both the Chief Executive Officer and President have directed the continuance of an affirmative plan to maintain a corporate EEO policy.  All locations and Company affiliates are responsible for the consistent application and administration of this policy that race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, veteran’s status, marital status or national origin, will not be a factor in connection with:

  • Hiring, placement, promotions, demotions, or transfers
  • Selection for training
  • Layoff or termination
  • Treatment during employment
  • Other employment
  • Rates of pay or other forms of compensation
  • Policies and decisions

The company will track affirmative action and continually monitor all personnel actions to ensure the consistent and effective administration of this policy.

Further, full cooperation and assistance of all employees is expected.

Any employee who has questions regarding our EEO policy or feels that this policy has not been followed should discuss the matter with his or her respected supervisor or Department Manager for the area.

To apply, please come by our office at 9105 W. I-20 in Midland, TX. You may also fax your resume to (432) 332-3097 or email it to info@perf-chem.com

Office Address: 9105 West I-20, Midland, TX 79706
Office Phone:   432-332-3059
Office Fax: 432-332-3097