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Stimulation Chemicals

Division Description

Performance Chemical Company (PCC) has a division of service and account professionals dedicated to our customer,s frac needs.  The personnel staffing this division receive specialized training that makes them especially valuable to our customers and PCC.  These technicians and account managers are trained to troubleshoot problems that are frequently encountered in this segment of the oil & gas industry.  Our stimulation field personnel also have immediate access to PCC’s Technical Services Division, which have the experience and education to provide support for the most challenging of issues.


PCC offers a full line of chemical products for our customers.  Our R&D Division is staffed by full-time Ph.D. Research Chemist capable of producing the cutting edge chemistries that are in high demand for our industry.  Our products range from the traditional biocides and scale inhibitors, to more environmentally friendly options such as encapsulated chemistries.  We leave the choice to our customers; however we will always provide a recommendation for the product and application that best serves our customer.

"Fracking fluid isn't likely to migrate from shale wells, geologists say." Gayathri Vaidyanathan


The Frac Services Division has the capability to pump our own products without the assistance of your pressure pumping company of choice.  We utilize highly accurate pumps capable of keeping up with the highest fluid transfer rates in the industry. 


We understand that quality products are not what add true value to our customer’s chemical program, but instead it is consistent service.  PCC is a customer service intensive company that takes pride in our ability to provide the highest end service to our customers at a fair price.  The prices of our services are included into the price of the chemical product, so our customers never see a separate invoice for service.  Our services include all field and laboratory services.  From bacteria cultures to fluid analyses, PCC will be your chemical service provider.