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Larry Elkins

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Larry Elkins

Completions and Stimulation Manager
Mobile: (432) 266-2999
Office: (432) 332-3059

Experienced and Knowledgeable Oil and Gas industry sales veteran and brings over 25 years of sales, operations and management experience with emphasis on Frac and Source Water chemistry treatments.

A proud veteran of the Viet Nam war, serving in the U.S. Navy Air Wing.

Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding, distinguished and exemplary service, Larry has proven himself to be honorable and possesses a strong sense of duty and integrity.

Larry is very active in his local church serving as a part of the music team as a musician and singer. Faith is a large motivator and guiding force in Larry’s personal and professional life.

● Oil and Gas Production Sales--12 years.
● Oil and Gas Fracturing/ChemistrySales--7 years
● Water Treatment Recycling--15 years
● Polymer containment, water impoundment development, design,
implementation--7 years
● District Management--6 years
● Regional/Area Management--9 years
● Project development, sales team development/oversight--12 years

Larry was raised in the small West Texas oil town of Andrews.

Larry is very honored to be a part of the Oil and Gas heritage team and has a proven recored that he can make a significant contribution to the growth of any organization.

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