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Safety Programs

At Performance Chemical Company we operate under the philosophy of all accidents being preventable. To ensure that we enforce stringent rules that are at a minimum equivalent with OSHA standards. On top of this we implement the “you see it, you own it” philosophy as well which promotes accountability and a team effort to accomplish a common goal of an accident free work place. From a environmental standpoint we treat our customers facilities as if they were our own. We require our staff to report every spill regardless of size and the QHS&E team will work with customers to ensure a prompt and proper clean up and remediation.


  • ISNetworld Member
  • PEC Premier Member
  • NCMS Member
  • SAFELAND USA Training
  • Total Recorable Incident Rating (TRIR) of 0
  • 0 lost days of work since 2012
  • Up to date SDS and HazCom Program
  • H2S Program and Monitoring
  • Monthly SAFETY Meetings
  • CPR Certified- Medical First Aid for Adults
  • Hearing Conservation Program