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Midstream Services

Division Description

Performance Chemical Company's  Midstream division of service and account professionals are dedicated to our customers midstream needs. The personnel staffing this division receive specialized training from their in-house NCCER certified trainer that makes them especially valuable to our customers and PCC. These technicians and account managers are trained and certified to trouble shoot problems that are frequently encountered in this segment of the oil & gas industry. Our midstream field personnel also have immediate access to PCC’s Technical Services Division, which have the experience and education to provide support for the most challenging of issues.

NCCER is a not-for-profit educaion foundation which provides a standardized national program of accredited craft training, covering more than 70 construction and maintenance areas. Key features of the program include instructor certification, competency-based training, and performance testing. The program provides trainees, instructors, and companies with a standard form of recognition through a National Craft Training Registry. 

The National Registry provides transcripts, certificates, and wallet cards to individuals who have successfully completed modules of NCCER’s ContrenTM Learning Series, when the program is delivered by an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor.

Benefits of Pipeline Training:

  1. Applying NCCER’s standardized training process allows pipeline owners and contractors in the United States to establish the benchmark for acceptable skill and competency levels within the pipeline industry.
  2. Industry recognized portable credentials.
  3. Competency based and contains measurable objectives.
  4. Developed by industry experts and trainers.
  5. Modular format and suitable for task training.
  6. Meets or exceeds Apprenticeship requirement.
  7. ISNetworld also hosts NCCER’s Automated National Registry (ANR) which is a database. used exclusively by NCCER that houses the training, assessment, performance verification and certification completions for NCCER-certified trainees and instructors.