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Laboratory Testing & Analysis

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Laboratory Capabilities

Performance Chemical Company provides an in house laboratory fully capable of producing standard and specific analytical data. The laboratory is staffed and run by degreed chemists knowledgeable and experienced in oil field chemistry. PCC’s laboratory also provides support for research, product development as well as technical support. PCC will be able to sufficiently supply customer personnel with all requested analytical data including but not limited to:

  • Complete Water Analysis
  • Residual Testing
  • Complete Solids Analysis
  • Oil Analysis; P&A, Cloud Point and pour point 
  • Carbon Chain Distribution; third party upon request 
  • TSS/Millipore Analysis
  • Oil Carryover (oil and grease or oil in water) 
  • Bacteria Analysis, Serial Dilution & ATP


PCC's laboratory's typical turnaround time is five business days.  


Some of the equipment that our PCC laboratory utilizes to conduct these analysis are as follows:

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer 8300(ICP): metal analysis for produced water
  • X-Ray Florescence (EDX): solids analysis
  • FT-IR: product QC and liquid or solid identification 
  • LuminUltra ATP Bacteria instant check
  • Continuously evolving with instrumentation technology