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Lab Technician

PCC has developed an in-house lab in an effort to provide our customers with first class service.  Lab analysis are the key component to identifying problems and developing the most efficient program.  While the lab is a key to our success and growth, it also supports our sales force to achieve timely and accurate data.  Our technical team consists of a Technical Service Representative, Product Development Manager with a PhD and lab technicians.  Lab technicians are expected to conduct lab testing consisting of but not limited to:

  • Complete water analysis
    • Titration
    • ICP
    • HACH
  • Solid Analysis
  • Millipore Analysis
  • Coupon Analysis
  • Oil Analysis
  • Bacteria inoculation
    • Serial dilution bottles
  • Paraffin Analysis

All data will be conducted through API standards and completed in a timely manner, within 5 working days maximum.  Develop a complete working knowledge and understanding of lab equipment (HACH, ICP, XRD) to provide our customers with the most accurate analysis.  All data will be entered into the appropriate report that can be provided to our sales department.  Organize the data in a manner it can be easily translated by our sales department and customers.  Assist with Surveys in the field and in the lab for potential clientele.