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Dry Chemistry

The only Dry-Chem manufacturing plant in the Permian Basin.

Performance Chemical Company has developed a more effective and efficient treatment that lowers your total cost while combatting failures due to forced cut chemical programs. 

While many of the industries particulate products are coated, PCC’s formulated chemistries are absorbed into proppant. With minimal surface area, the product releases slowly into the fluid. The product falls down the backside settleing at the bottom of the wellbore. This ensures that the entire fluid column is conditioned from the bottom up. Treatments are designed to last for 30 to 90 days.

Dry chemistry is also ideal for the completion process. Added during the sand stages, the product can be pushed deep into the formation, therefore providing pro-active inhibition. By improving production during the first 90 days, you can accomplish a faster return. 

 We are on another level

  • Cost effective alternative to truck treating for applicable wells
  • Eliminate chemical pump and tank maintenance on surface
  • Pro-Active inhibition for Frac application
  • Improved environment footprint of chemical treatment